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A Wolf's Introduction

Well, everyone else has done an intro so I guess it's my turn. Here goes....

I am a wolf. My spirit, my soul, is that of a wolf. I feel wolf-ears swivelling, taking in the sounds around me, hearing things that others sometimes don't. I feel a fluffy brown tail wagging behind me when I'm happy or tucked between my legs when I'm not so happy. There have been times that I didn't think I was a wolf. Early in life, I thought I was a pig. Later, that evolved to a boar, then a wolf. Then, the wolf changed to a tigerwolf. But, regardless of whether I accepted myself at any one point, the wolf was always there, waiting and helping me along. Having met and fallen in love with my soulmate Sachi (a fellow therian), I have become more in touch with my inner wolf, my essence.

There have been dreams, dreams where I run as a wolf. Dreams where I and several other anthro wolves go about at night protecting a medieval village. Dreams when I stand in a lush forest with ancient ruins with my mate. There have been visions too. Visions that came unbidden to my mind. I was myself, as I am in waking life...but I changed into a brown wolf anthro. My true self, the self behind the self.

I have always been more of a listener, quite, watchful and observant. Sure, being an introvert helps that a lot but there is something...lupine about it. In biology class one time (and I still remember this well), the coach that was teaching the class said 'You know, if you all just LISTENED like Merlin did--' and some other student asked 'Who's Merlin?' Blending in, observing, keeping to myself until it's time to act. Patient. Some very lupine qualities. Back when I was called upon in class in high school, I would sometimes surprise someone else with an observation that no one else had thought of. A wolf knowing his prey and going in for the take-down.

But I am a very gentle wolf...though sometimes I have 'meat days' where I crave meat. Heck, if you want to know how gentle and loving I can be, ask my mate Sachi. I am very loyal, very loving. I mate for life. And I have finally found my mate, the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Sachiko Nogitsune and I adore her. She is my kitsune mate and I am thankful every single day for that great blessing :bows my muzzle before The Great Spirit and Inari-sama in thanks for my Sachi:

The path of the Shaman has recently opened up to me. I have also begun to follow the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, the life force that is the combined flow of everything around us. I will sometimes also include other spirits and deities in my prayers both night and day but it is to the Great Spirit that I pray primarily. He has brought many blessings to his wolf shaman and I am very thankful for each and every one of them. I am thankful beyond words for my mate Sachi, for she has brought so much happiness and joy into my life, happiness and joy I've never known before. I watch for animal signs, messages from the Great One. My wolf ears swivel to catch bird song, to hear the voices of other animals...and to listen to the wind.

I am Wolf; I watch, I listen. I am loyal even beyond death, I am patient and I am loving beyond the pale. :bows before my fellow therians: Thank you for your time, my packmates....
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'The self behind the self.' Very insightful, and defiantly something I relate to. I believe your right though, being a introvert helps, as it has helped me countless times. Ah yes, the 'meat days' I know those all too well. Perfectly natural in my opinion.

Happy to have gotten to know you. *bows muzzle, and flutters wings* Listen and follow thy dreams.
*blushes, bows* Thank you for your kind words; sometimes I can make words fit well together like that. I almost wonder if more therians are introverted than are extroverted. Might be an interesting survey to do if one could manage it. Yeah, I think 'meat days' are more than natural. If your body craves something, it's usually a good idea to try and comply with it *smiles*

I am happy to have gotten to know you a bit more as well *bows, wags tail* May your dreams be guide you well and bring you great happiness and comfort.
Oh yes... meat days. Been there, done that. :3