Magical HATz (killerdetergent) wrote in therianutopia,
Magical HATz

Hi :D
My name is Hatchiman. Dunno if the name will change as I discover more things about myself though.

When I attended a therianthropy panel at Anthrocon done by BlueStorm and BlackJack, I found it highly interesting and informative. These two panel leaders were both wolf therians. They seemed to understand each other very well. As they spoke, I started to think about m
yself and the way I interact with the world. I always thought wolves and dogs were fun and cool but I don't really act like one. BlackJack also kept repeating that you either are a therian or you aren't. You don't get to choose your speices. I thought coming here would help be define myself because I don't know 100% everything about animal behavior.

I think I am some kind of big cat. There is a reasoning behind this. One night when I was being intimate with my girlfriend, I got lost in myself for a moment. I felt relaxed, on all fours, over top of her, and very feline despite my usual canine manners. I swear the landscape was the savannah of africa, but I could have guessed wrong. My girlfriend snapped me out of this because I was biting her back and she yelped when I bit down harder during this "moment." After this "moment" happened, I was somewhat bewildered at where I was and what I was doing. After settling, I told my girlfriend what just happened. She thought is was highly interesting. She says that maybe it was a lion spirit in me. I have my doubts that I am a lion therian though. I read that lions are VERY social. I am not social at all. I've been researching many African animals in elaborate detail to figure out what I was feeling at that "moment" or what you call a "mental shift."

During research, I keep reading more and more about lions. Then I keep checking things off that I don't act like. She could have been wrong, but I am researching other big cats now to see if we were wrong at the initial species. Among the cats that I am researching indepthly about are: Servals, chettahs, lions, cougars, and tigers. I know tigers don't live in the savannah but that "moment" was a while ago and only lasted like a second. I could have gotten the foliage wrong.

I would love to hear you all guy's responses to this and ask for guidance if possible. Going to that Therian panel has opened my eyes to how I personally act and how therianthropy connects to many aspects to my personality and mannerisms.
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