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Introductory Post

My name is Koraoah. I meditated to find out this name, and believe I was given it by a cat entity of some sort. I have been known on livejournal and IRC by various names, but this one is *mine* at last.

I was "called" by the goddess Bast(et) at about age 16, and have been close to her ever since, although my Christian beliefs for quite some time prevented me from devloping any sort of  deep meaningful spiritual relationship with her. Recently I've been able to rectify the two, combining my own form of Christianity with faith in Bast. I pray to both the God of Christianity, as well as to Jesus and Bastet and am devloping my own relationship with Sekhmet as well. As another feline Goddess, she calls to me also. I've collected statues of Bast since I was in my teens, and each statue means something to me, in a different way.

I have long known myself to be a therian. I intially had settled on wolf but have had some ... discrepancies with my wolf-ness, such as a phantom tail and other characteristics during shifts that are much more feline than canine, but I've tried to fit myself into the canine "box". I am opening my mind at this point to the possibility I have misinterpreted my therianthropy - I'd rather know the truth than try to force myself into something that isn't me.

I don't have the slightest idea what type of feline I am inside. Right now I am studying Otherkin races of cats, as well as those from this earth, and the possibility of ancient hybrids of "other" feline and human species. As I discover myself I hope to learn more. I'm definitely not a "newbie" - I've known of otherkin and vampires (some may say the same thing some may say two different things!) for almost 10 years (I am in my late 20s).

I was a psi-vampire for approximately 10 years until my second Reiki attunement, after which I have no need to take in external psi energies. It is quite wonderful! I know it doesn't work for many, but I am thankful it worked for me. Whatever was going on with my energy system I believe has been shifted into a non-vampiric one.

I'm also learning about energy work. My first true energy construct was a cat - unfortunately when my fiance and I adopted a dog, she moved out, and I later found her living with my parents. She is quite happy there with the other cats! I do not think I am up to the responsibility I feel to construct entities to create another one at this time.

Life is a perpetual discovery :)


PS - I am not faerie, but I love faerie art, so many of my userpics will often be faerie in nature :)
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