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Hey there! [06 May 2015|05:15pm]
[ mood | Happy ]

Hi!! My name is Kopa, but most people call me KOMWOL but I am unsure if it will change when I discover more about myself! I am a lion therian and I would really like to find other lions like me (so inbox me if you are! Would love to meet you!)

I am quite new to the therian community, so if anyone has any tips, I would love to hear!! Thank you!

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The Gray Ghost [28 Sep 2008|06:19pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

"The gray ghost" is the name Ernest Hemmingway gave to the kudu.

Greater kudu is a NoBullshitRunJumpHide kind of animal. Not the fastest of runners, they rely on their skillful jumps, and their ability to blend in to survive. Kudu is one with its surroundings.
Dirt, grass, hoof, body, horns, tree branch. One and the same. There is an African myth about a hyena who came begging to a lion for food. The lion obliged, but the hyena showed up again the next day, asking for more.
Lion called kudu to him, and asked for a favor. Kudu climbed up a tree at the lion's instruction. When hyena came calling, lion pointed to a waterhole. "There is your food," the lion said. Kudu's image was reflected in the water, as the tree he had climbed was above the waterhole.
Hyena jumped into the water and drowned.

Kudu is to be Aware of all that's around you. Kudu is to know how to use nature to your advantage.
Kudu is caution, brotherliness, and Air. When I contemplate the Jaguar, I relate it to Earth. But Kudu is definitely Air. The Air
which is in all.

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Introductory Post [18 Jul 2008|04:23am]

[ mood | awake ]

My name is Koraoah. I meditated to find out this name, and believe I was given it by a cat entity of some sort. I have been known on livejournal and IRC by various names, but this one is *mine* at last.

I was "called" by the goddess Bast(et) at about age 16, and have been close to her ever since, although my Christian beliefs for quite some time prevented me from devloping any sort of  deep meaningful spiritual relationship with her. Recently I've been able to rectify the two, combining my own form of Christianity with faith in Bast. I pray to both the God of Christianity, as well as to Jesus and Bastet and am devloping my own relationship with Sekhmet as well. As another feline Goddess, she calls to me also. I've collected statues of Bast since I was in my teens, and each statue means something to me, in a different way.

I have long known myself to be a therian. I intially had settled on wolf but have had some ... discrepancies with my wolf-ness, such as a phantom tail and other characteristics during shifts that are much more feline than canine, but I've tried to fit myself into the canine "box". I am opening my mind at this point to the possibility I have misinterpreted my therianthropy - I'd rather know the truth than try to force myself into something that isn't me.

I don't have the slightest idea what type of feline I am inside. Right now I am studying Otherkin races of cats, as well as those from this earth, and the possibility of ancient hybrids of "other" feline and human species. As I discover myself I hope to learn more. I'm definitely not a "newbie" - I've known of otherkin and vampires (some may say the same thing some may say two different things!) for almost 10 years (I am in my late 20s).

I was a psi-vampire for approximately 10 years until my second Reiki attunement, after which I have no need to take in external psi energies. It is quite wonderful! I know it doesn't work for many, but I am thankful it worked for me. Whatever was going on with my energy system I believe has been shifted into a non-vampiric one.

I'm also learning about energy work. My first true energy construct was a cat - unfortunately when my fiance and I adopted a dog, she moved out, and I later found her living with my parents. She is quite happy there with the other cats! I do not think I am up to the responsibility I feel to construct entities to create another one at this time.

Life is a perpetual discovery :)


PS - I am not faerie, but I love faerie art, so many of my userpics will often be faerie in nature :)

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[11 Jul 2008|09:04pm]

Hi :D
My name is Hatchiman. Dunno if the name will change as I discover more things about myself though.

When I attended a therianthropy panel at Anthrocon done by BlueStorm and BlackJack, I found it highly interesting and informative. These two panel leaders were both wolf therians. They seemed to understand each other very well. As they spoke, I started to think about m
I would love to hear you all guy's responses to this and ask for guidance if possible. Going to that Therian panel has opened my eyes to how I personally act and how therianthropy connects to many aspects to my personality and mannerisms.
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Hello! [21 Sep 2007|09:19pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hello, I'm cchristian (though everyone seems to know me as SherlawkDragon, ever since I started used that name on Werelist and everything after ^..^;;;) Alot of you may have seen me (I'm everywhere, though I'm new-ish to livejournal)
My theriotypes are Dragon, Raccoon, and possibly (less sure than I was a few months ago) Horse. I like stuff... lots of stuff... yeah...
I'm too Lazy to write a good intro, so... I'll just lest comments be my intro... ^..^;;

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Thoughts [19 Apr 2006|08:07pm]

Some recent thoughts on my therian form...Collapse )
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A vision of therian and spiritual proportions [11 Mar 2006|07:43pm]

[ mood | drained ]

I posted this vision I had in my dreamjournal but I've decided that I want to post it here too. It means a great deal to me since it has brought me a great deal more confidence...and I have seen my wolf form more clearly than I have ever seen it. This vision happened last night.

A Vision of My True Self, The Self Behind the SelfCollapse )

There's the vision. :bows my muzzle respectfully: Thank you for listening my friends. More than ever before, I feel my tail behind me and my ear swivelling to take in the world around me. I think that I will be meditating a bit more often :smiles:

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Just a Greeting and an Introduction... [27 Feb 2006|11:06pm]

Hi there.

I'm Foxirius and am currently at university-level education. As there is no concrete-set defintion of "furry", some might say I was a furry, but at the same time, I don't match much of the typical "furry" profile.
I don't fursuit, I don't go about with "I am Furry" paraphenalia whatsoever. Wearing a stuffed tail, seems cool, but it's so...false. Not in derision of anyone who does, but it's not the same as a natural connection as if you were truly your species of therian.

It's odd. But when I am myself, the 'self behind the self' as someone else cleverly penned it, is vulpine. People look at me and sometimes can see a foxlike quality to my makeup. When I dream, my self-image is vulpine. Rarely nonmorphic, definatly more anthropomorphic.

At times there's this sensation, of heightened senses. At times, in crowded/urban places it can flow into over-caution, especially if there are dogs, cats or humans about. Dogs especially. Owners notice this; their dogs act strange about me; as if I were a rival animal to fight or harrass in most cases. Like hanging a fox before them. >_>

I just spoke about how wearing a fake tail doesn't really suit me. Like some other therians, at certain times (especially during lunar phases) it's almost like a transformation, albeit on a mental and spiritual level - a tail can be felt wafting behind or wagging when happy about me. Ears twitch and splay and the hairs on me sometimes stand up - like fur, but I know that I'm not covered in fur.

I'm more a personality/connection/were type of therian. Hmm. Anyone else?
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A Wolf's Introduction [25 Feb 2006|08:25pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Well, everyone else has done an intro so I guess it's my turn. Here goes....

I Am Wolf, Watching and ListeningCollapse )

I am Wolf; I watch, I listen. I am loyal even beyond death, I am patient and I am loving beyond the pale. :bows before my fellow therians: Thank you for your time, my packmates....

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[25 Feb 2006|09:20pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Here is an attempt at a successful introduction ^-^()Collapse )

I am hoping to make new friends, and learn new things from this community. =^..^= Espically discussing and exchanging spiritual experiences. It is one thing to find like minds, but another to find like souls. Do please excuse the mess of my introduction ^-^()

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