Foxirius Bluewards (foxirius) wrote in therianutopia,
Foxirius Bluewards

Just a Greeting and an Introduction...

Hi there.

I'm Foxirius and am currently at university-level education. As there is no concrete-set defintion of "furry", some might say I was a furry, but at the same time, I don't match much of the typical "furry" profile.
I don't fursuit, I don't go about with "I am Furry" paraphenalia whatsoever. Wearing a stuffed tail, seems cool, but it's so...false. Not in derision of anyone who does, but it's not the same as a natural connection as if you were truly your species of therian.

It's odd. But when I am myself, the 'self behind the self' as someone else cleverly penned it, is vulpine. People look at me and sometimes can see a foxlike quality to my makeup. When I dream, my self-image is vulpine. Rarely nonmorphic, definatly more anthropomorphic.

At times there's this sensation, of heightened senses. At times, in crowded/urban places it can flow into over-caution, especially if there are dogs, cats or humans about. Dogs especially. Owners notice this; their dogs act strange about me; as if I were a rival animal to fight or harrass in most cases. Like hanging a fox before them. >_>

I just spoke about how wearing a fake tail doesn't really suit me. Like some other therians, at certain times (especially during lunar phases) it's almost like a transformation, albeit on a mental and spiritual level - a tail can be felt wafting behind or wagging when happy about me. Ears twitch and splay and the hairs on me sometimes stand up - like fur, but I know that I'm not covered in fur.

I'm more a personality/connection/were type of therian. Hmm. Anyone else?
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