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The Gray Ghost

"The gray ghost" is the name Ernest Hemmingway gave to the kudu.

Greater kudu is a NoBullshitRunJumpHide kind of animal. Not the fastest of runners, they rely on their skillful jumps, and their ability to blend in to survive. Kudu is one with its surroundings.
Dirt, grass, hoof, body, horns, tree branch. One and the same. There is an African myth about a hyena who came begging to a lion for food. The lion obliged, but the hyena showed up again the next day, asking for more.
Lion called kudu to him, and asked for a favor. Kudu climbed up a tree at the lion's instruction. When hyena came calling, lion pointed to a waterhole. "There is your food," the lion said. Kudu's image was reflected in the water, as the tree he had climbed was above the waterhole.
Hyena jumped into the water and drowned.

Kudu is to be Aware of all that's around you. Kudu is to know how to use nature to your advantage.
Kudu is caution, brotherliness, and Air. When I contemplate the Jaguar, I relate it to Earth. But Kudu is definitely Air. The Air
which is in all.
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