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Nearly a week ago I stumbled across the word, Therianthropy. The word itself seemed intriguing so I decided to investigate the meaning. Though I found many various view points, and ideas, I got the general gist of something I had believed long ago. My soul was non-human and that since I was young I never did associate well with people. Favored times where out on wooded paths, or floating around in a pool to actually staying home and socializing with my cats since the age of 5. The first thing I encountered was, furries and which I had associated with myself for sometime, thinking most thought their souls to be like my own. Only later did I discover, that my assumptions were wrong for the majority of the population. Though due to my experiences I have quickly learned to socialize better, I still never feel truly apart of society or humanity at any given time. Almost as if I do not belong here...

Yet, I am getting carried away with my introduction. My name is Kristin, though everyone usually calls me Tiger. For the longest time, I found the embodiment of my soul was that of a tigress with dragonic wings. Though the vessel I am trapped in day in and out, does not personify an actual tiger. I am short, toned, and very pale complemented with darkest brown hair. Many people who have known me for a short time, however tend to say I remind them of a feline. My experience of being a Therian, is 'ghost' parts of myself. From tail, to ears, and most of all my wings. Lately, since I have been diving back into myself, I've felt the cold winds rustle my fur and a muzzle extending from my face. It feels refreshing, and almost liberating. Vincent, my mate, has confirmed that I am a sibberean tigress though I'm still in high debate over such.

I have always been a spiritually based person. After these years, I've fashioned my own spiritual beliefs that do not follow any set path. My mind is always open and ready for new lessons/experience to show me something I may never have thought of. I tend to be a little hesitant to come out and actually say, "My soul isn't human." to others. Though I know my offline friends are accepting and open minded, they tend to worry about me enough and most actually show no belief in spirits. I was fortunate enough to come across a mate, drasken, who also shares the same spirituality. A vampiric dragon, which he is still exploring into his awakened nature. He is active in the hybrid_kin, last time I checked though he still is getting used to LJ.

I am hoping to make new friends, and learn new things from this community. =^..^= Espically discussing and exchanging spiritual experiences. It is one thing to find like minds, but another to find like souls. Do please excuse the mess of my introduction ^-^()
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